The 7 roles of a teacher, part 1: THE GOOD AUNT / UNCLE

English teachers of pre-school children face a real challenge when entering the classroom. In many respects it is the most demanding group of students to teach, although at the same time teaching such young learners may give a lot of satisfaction. In order to become successful a teacher must take on a lot of roles.

Being a GOOD AUNT / UNCLE is essential. Little children need to feel safe and they need to feel liked and accepted. You have to behave as a benign and good natured person to gain their trust. Try to establish good contact with them. A positive attitude and a smile are very important. If children get to like you, they will enjoy coming to classes, will eagerly take part in activities and will be much easier to settle down or persuade to participate in a lesson.

You also have to be patient and gentle and never lose your temper with children in order not to scare or discourage them in any way. Being sensitive to children’s moods, needs and feelings is a necessary condition for a successful teacher of this age group. You have to make sure that no child feels omitted or worse. Sometimes it involves bending the rules and praising equally all your students regardless of their achievements.

Remember about safety at all times. Do not allow children to run wildly in the classroom or step on objects like chairs or tables. Pay attention to the arrangement of furniture, to any sharp edges, and to narrow spaces. It is your responsibility to keep children safe.

Help your students every time they turn to you or if you can see that they cannot deal with something. It does not mean you should do something instead of them but show your support, give tips, encourage and assure them they can do it.

How to be a GOOD AUNT / UNCLE?

  • Smile at children a lot
  • Show your students that you like them and you are interested in them
  • Be patient, do not show annoyance
  • Pay attention to your students’ moods and accommodate your actions and plans to them
  • Praise all the children regardless of their achievements
  • Make sure no child feels omitted or worse

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