The 7 roles of a teacher, part 5: THE ROCK

A pre-school teacher must be solid like a ROCK. Children need to feel secure in the classroom environment if you want them to enjoy coming to lessons. A certain degree of stability is necessary. Children love constant, repetitive elements of the lessons like routines, types of games which are often used and your rewarding them for participation in a lesson. To give children a feeling of security you must remember to introduce them to the routines. Students will gradually learn what to do and what to expect. If you want students to respect your rules, you must be consistent. If you want to succeed, your students have to trust you. They will trust you if you give them clear rules to abide by. They must also feel you are supportive and that they can count on your help and encouragement when they perform certain tasks.

How to be a ROCK?

  • Give your students clear rules to follow and be consistent
  • Always abide by the rules you introduce
  • Use constant elements during lessons to give your students a sense of being safe
  • Make sure your students feel they can count on you even in a moment of crisis (when they cannot concentrate or do not understand the task). Give positive encouragement, do not threaten with serious consequences

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